Monday, December 17, 2007

The Amazing Envelope Organizers

These organizers are perhaps the thing I am most proud of making. And they are incredibly useful for keeping track of all those bits of paper: receipts, stamps, business cards, lists, notes, etc. I got the original instructions for them from an old Martha magazine, but I like to think I've made improvements on the idea.

The covers are mat board covered with cotton fabric. The envelopes and covers are attached with bookbinding tape (which is really hard to find even online). The inside covers are rectangles of paper glued in to cover the mat board and rough edges of fabric. Picking the paper to use as an inside cover is one of my favorite parts.

Once assembled all you have to do to help keep track of all the paper bits is write a title or catagory at the top of each envelope and tuck in your purse...I dig a stamp or a phone number out of my own just about every day.

I attended a craft fair last weekend and sold a fair number of these. It was great to have others like the designs and idea enough to buy them, very flattering.


MKHKK said...

I love mine and use it for coupons. It is handy, durable and very cute! Way to go on the sales! Were you only selling those or did you sell some of your jewelry too?

Greenie Gardens said...

Those are so cute! I love the blue! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Stephanie

Anonymous said...

those are cool!