Saturday, August 25, 2007

Durable Dragon Sweater

Today we are getting out the fall clothing bins for the girls and I found this treasure. Jeanette knit this cute little sweater when Hailey was a baby and it has survived in perfect shape for Kaitlin to wear this this fall. That is saying a lot about how well made it is because my kids are hard on clothes and I am a hot wash and high heat dry kind of laundry girl.

Kaitlin was pretty pleased with how cute she looked in it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dirty Little Secret

I completed the dust ruffle for Kaitlin's crib last week. Now all I have left is the crib sheet, bumper pad, drapes, and then paint the room. I might pick up a bright rug if I find one in the right color.
Since I have little experience sewing, I was pretty proud of myself. Any true seamstress would be horrified. I didn't have a pattern. I just laid out her old dust ruffle and put the fabric on top to get my measurements. No rulers or pencil lines, just estimate and cut!
So the front and the sides look really good.
The back is where my dirty little secret is. I have always thought there is a fine line between deception and lying, but there IS a line. I mean magic is deception and everyone is OK with that. So I ran out of fabric with the same run of pattern. The thought of dragging them all to the fabric store to get more when I had enough, it just wasn't perfect, was too much. Plus I like instant gratification and didn't want to delay my project anymore. So I used all the pieces I had left. I put the correct orientation on the sides so that should someone catch a glimpse of the corner it would appear or deceive that it is well made all the way around. The crib is pushed up against the wall, so chances are slim that anyone but you guys will know the truth.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Socks Galore

I am a pretty dedicated knitter. Generally, I would be knitting right now --
in fact, this blogging may seriously cut into my knitting time. But these
socks are not mine, they are my mom's, GiGi's. Delighted with the socks
I had been turning out, she decided my brother, Phil, in Alaska, could really
use some. And just look at these! Fabulous!

GiGi Socks