Saturday, November 29, 2008


I have a pumpkin theme going here. The hat I started during the summer while in Chelsea visiting Heather and Sam and the kids. I was plugging away on a rather uninspired baby hat when I decided to abandon the whole project and make something more enjoyable. Heather had just the project for me. A pumpkin hat and all I needed to make it. It got a bit dicey at the end. That bit of yarn on the table? That was all I had left when the project was finished! This hat ended up in Oklahoma to adorn my good friend's first grandchild.

This little shirt went to Laney. I had big plans to make four of them -- one for each of the granddaughters, but it is quite a bit more work than I anticipated. Plus, when Anna and I were at Target, we saw super cute pumpkin shirts -- lovely shiny sequined pumpkins for $5. Anna aptly noted that the girls would probably like the glitter of the Target ones more than the loving cross stitch. Good for me. At least everyone got a shirt. No way I could have finished four of these.